Minibus Taxi

Minibus Taxi

When we had the opportunity of hiring a minibus taxi all of us have a traveler hidden inside of us and wishes to explore the world in every way possible. Let the reason be anything. If we are getting a chance we won’t let it go, the types can differ but not the wish to travel. There are times when we wish to travel with our family and friends in a group, but unfortunately we have to drop the idea because we could not find a perfect vehicle for our travel. Something such as a minibus taxi or minivan, or any other transport that can take a group of small people.

Unluckily, we have to drop the idea of group travel by some mean or take a deep breath and bear the burden on our budget. Organize a trip which drains us financially if we are someone who takes care of their budgets a lot. That’s not all but bear a lot more for the next couple of weeks. Or the other situation can be that you travel in separate cars. But whats the point of traveling if you have to travel separately. The whole idea of a vacation was to travel together and enjoy to the fullest.

Minibus taxi - Manchester Taxis Minibuses

It is this reason and many others that Manchester Taxis and Minibuses have proudly introduce the Minibus taxi transfers services in Manchester and across the United Kingdom.

A service that speaks volume and just like our other well-known services offers nothing less than quality at affordable rates. Traveling in a group has never been so easy, comfortable and a luxurious experience before, we will take care of your traveling in the best of manner and make sure you start to have all the fun before you have reached your destination. Giving you a memorable trip that will always bring a smile to your face for years to come.

We are in this line of service for many years and just like our other minibus to Manchester airport and chauffeur services our minibus taxi service is also our client’s top priorities when they need to travel in a group and peace.

Whether you are in need of a 9 seater a 12 seater minibus hire or a 16 seater minibus taxi let it be any group size even up-to a 24 seater. Our premium vehicles make sure you travel in luxury. Having a fleet of modern and well-maintained vehicles surely will give you the best travel experience.

Worry not even our fares are entirely budget-friendly. Meaning just like we cater for all group sizes, we take care of all the budget sizes as well. Not being a burden on your budget is what Manchester Taxis and Minibuses always give consideration to.

With our online booking system, you will be done within minutes no matter which part of the country or the world you are in.

When you book a Manchester taxi with us, be sure that you are in safe hands and we won’t leave you midway or make you wait long hours.


Our professionally experienced drivers are always on time and because they are locals. So, there is a guarantee that you won’t be stuck in Manchester traffic. They know all the routes at the back of their hands and will make sure you arrive at your destination on time.

They are trained continuously to go the extra mile and make sure you have the best of the journey. We do not take any driver on board, but only those who hold immense driving experience and have all the documentation needed certificates and clearance. Simply because your safety on the road is what’s important to us, similarly the fact that even the best of the drivers cannot perform well if the vehicle does not support them.

The reason why we only have the automobiles of the brands that are a symbol of luxury. However, even when they are regularly checked and maintained giving no room to error.

Having said that, no matter how much our team or we give comparisons and the benefits of hiring a minibus taxi or a minibus to Manchester airport or any other service. It is better if you give a try to it yourself and we assure you that under no circumstances you will regret your choice even for a single moment when you are riding with us.

So hire your 16 seater minibus hire with us and avail the best traveling deals and facilities, which are not seen often in this form of transport. Such as a meet and greet Manchester service that is well renowned across continents. We precisely know how to offer that so even away from home you feel at home.

Booking your taxi from Manchester airport to Lake District to Birmingham or any part of the United Kingdom, up in the north or down south. We would love to take you on your expedition and serve you quality airport taxi service. A service from a minibus company who has been delivering as per the expectations of many since the past many years.

Manchester Taxis and Minibuses will always go the extra mile for your and make sure you also join the long list of satisfied customers that is growing day by day. You can call our representative on 0161 864 1212, who would love to answer all your queries. Helping you book the best possible travel option as per your needs and requirements.

Or you can also make an online booking on our website in a couple of minutes.

Wait no further book your minibus taxi with us today. Whether you wish to travel within the city or anywhere in the United Kingdom our drivers with pleasure would serve you to the best of their abilities. MTM never commits what we cannot deliver, and the success of our commitments can be seen on our testimonials page. Where endless clients leave their encouraging feedback. So, we can serve and make our service better each day and keep delivering them with same enthusiasm and passion. That we are giving since the past many years when we first started.